Guerrilla Benevolence comes to you with the understanding that every single human being has the innate ability to feel love and compassion for every One. Whether it be the simple act of holding the door or just sharing your smile when someone catches your eye allows your heart to remain open. Being open to kindness allows us to come together with the awareness that we are not alone and that we have the love and support of those we surround ourselves with. The first step is to find Love in ourself before we can be open to others. Once we're able overcome the first step, the in-pouring of Love will be available at every moment of every day. It's up to you to show others how easy it is to tap into this infinite energy.

Guerrilla Benevolence is a social project here to serve you. We hope to be that beacon of light in the darkness that surrounds us. Among the bad, the anger, the fear and ignorance, there will always be good, happiness, bravery, and Knowledge. We are here to remind you that you are not alone in this long journey of Life.

"Dwell in Love and know that you are Loved. Dwell in light and know that you shall be a Light, and in that knowing, surrender."