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Change the World

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The following text is an anonymously posted channeling session from a spiritual being within our Universe. The future of humanity rests on the understanding of this message. If this message reaches the masses, we will see an end in poverty, world hunger, and war. The technologies that have been available to us for over 50 years, including free abundant energy, will finally come to light, shifting the entire geo-political and economic power from a few select individuals, to the entire …

Welcome to Guerrilla Benevolence

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September 22, 2000 “Each of you, each of us within this group, each of those infinite sparks of the Logos, rest in unfathomable perfection drenched in a unity so profound that there is none to behold the light, but only the light. And this is your star being. This is your nature. Each of you has at the heart that fire of suns, that spark of creatorness that contains all that there is. And so, in a very important way, …